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Search Terms: An effective way to optimize Paid Search campaigns.

Paid search terms monitoring: easy and effective way to keep relevant traffic.

The Search Terms section is one of the most important insight areas for paid search campaigns when it comes to optimization.

Search engines like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) track all queries that led to a click on Ad. All search terms are displayed in the Keywords section on Google Ads.

So, why Search Terms are so important?

1) It can drive new ideas for paid campaigns and keywords structure. Even using advanced tools like SemRush and Google Keyword Planner, why not consider insights your target audience generated? Very often, digital marketing agencies and account manager neglect this section, also, it is not a common field for marketing professionals without experience managing Google Ads campaign strategy.

2) Ads: Keeping copy relevant and updated is an important factor. Search Terms drive new ideas, better CTR and improve campaign Optimization Score. It is an important paid search management component.

3) Negative keywords: Search terms are the most effective way to clean and narrow traffic. A business that offers Container Shipping Services must trigger Ads for "freight quotes", for example. So, "plastic containers" or "home containers” don't reflect the user's right moment to consider the service, and it must be added as a negative term (considering that the paid search professional is targeting broad match type for this keyword).

No exception. All paid search campaigns previously running which I've started working as a digital marketing consultant had opportunities to optimize traffic, increasing CTR, optimizing budget and lastly main KPI's and results.

So, how to do it?

Located in the "Keywords" tab section, Search Terms are displayed under the campaign structure.

Applying this strategy on a regular basis, the campaign becomes narrow and focused. The result is targeted keywords and Ads which in a couple of weeks will deliver an optimized KPI's.

Other tactics like segmented keywords in phrase match and exact match will always be an important ally in paid search campaign strategies.

As a paid search consultant, that's my main goal when I start auditing and developing new online campaign strategies. If you are a business owner working with a digital marketing consultant, ask for an open report showing all Search Terms in a regular basis. Take your own conclusion about the traffic quality you are investing.

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