• Vinícius Zirondi

Google Expanded Search Ads

Google launched new Enhanced Text Ads, allowing advertisers to write more characters on Search Ads. Now, the Headlines have more spaces of 30 characters length and description field with 90 characters maximum length. Google has found that these new larger ads, on average, drive 15% more clicks compared to the previous ad formats.

The old Ads still keep the same, but the new enhanced Ads should be tested as soon as possible, especially if you pretend to get more advantage and visibility in the SERP.

Based on campaigns that I manage, some steps to start can be:

-Duplicated ads: based on best-performing Ads previously tested, I enhanced copyrighting using all new fields available. I don't recommend to pause old Ads which are still performing.

-More Text means More Meaningful Text: Old version can be an excellent way to start, but you must write the most compelling Ads to drive a better user experience. Look at the entire copy asset in a one-page spreadsheet is my way to do it.

-Search terms: Still being one of the most valuable insights on a PPC campaign. Search terms can drive new ideas and Ad copy approach.

-Mobile first, and second: Mobile clicks and impressions are even higher. Long Ads maybe are not being shown on mobile devices, so, keep in mind that the mobile user experience is essential.

Tips around overall campaign management, such as Keywords, Ad Extensions, Landing Pages, and Testing still being the best path to enhance performance on Search Campaigns management.

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