• Vinícius Zirondi

Digital Marketing Tools and Plugins

The right digital marketing toll can help professionals and entrepreneurs to identify opportunities and leverage strategies while easily follow its competitor's digital footprint.

Some free and simple tools are available to install as a plugin or even online research. The best tools that I use and recommend:

Similar Web: Both website and plugin provide essential information about website traffic, engagement, referrals, social media sources, advertising and related websites. The plugin is especially appealing to perform a fast look while you are navigating a site.

Similar Web plugin preview
Similar Web highlight

Google Trends: Search at Google Trends can be an exciting way to analyze and compare search terms through time or events that impact a particular subject. Before planning a marketing campaign, try to research about seasonal business characteristics, for example.

Ghostery: A fantastic plugin to see which tracking code a specific website is using. It is fast and straightforward to take a look at your competitor’s site and see which automation marketing tool they use, Facebook pixel, Google analytics, or specific tracking codes, such as Hotjar for heatmaps and visitor recording.

Ghostery tracker page

I hope you have enjoyed. Stay tuned for more tips.

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