• Vinícius Zirondi

Google Ads reporting essentials: Data Studio

As a digital marketing consultant, productivity and time management really matter. Most of the times reporting process can be time consuming. The better a report is, better is the campaign insights and monitoring.

Automated reporting has been my focus for years, since Data Studio was barely known by agencies and digital marketing professionals. I've been using not only for Google Ads campaigns, but paid social, display, vídeo and Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads).

Other than real time data, Data Studio reports can be customized by date, in case clients need to check and report a wider date range. But the most effective thing of reporting on Data Studio is the possibilities of visual charts.

-Keep watching your account:

I set a report automated email every day in a specific time. Good to start the day checking the last day results. If you are in the client side and have an agency managing your account, it is a must have.

Simple, fast, and reliable. This report is my starting point for changes and improvements on Google Ads campaigns that I manage, almost every day.

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