• Vinícius Zirondi

Short-Form Ads

A new possibility of formats and especially short-form Ads has been growing in share and results, opening a higher potential for media planners and creatives. An example described on think with Google about the advantages of Bumper Ads showed that these formats are more efficient at driving recall than longer Ads.

Mobile Ads has been driving the growth of Small Formats and Short-Forms, like Bumper. Users dislike being interrupted or annoyed by Long-Term Ads, and it explains the rise of AdBlockers over the past years, as shown in the chart below.

Interest for AdBlocker since 2008 – Google Trends - 2008 to 2017

From this research made by Hubspot, it is easy to conclude that most disliked ads are the ones which cause interruption in the content consumption, like pop-ups, mobile phone ads (screen size is a factor), and ads before video content loads.

Hubspot survey: Types of Ads disliked by users.

Advertisers have been facing a huge challenge for results and effectiveness. A smart blend of media channels, message and formats can be an interesting start point to develop your digital marketing strategy. No matter which industry your business you are, the probability that your competitors are using a smart strategy to acquire customers more effectively is high.

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