• Vinícius Zirondi

AdWords in touch

Past months, I have been focusing my digital marketing projects on Adwords, both Search and Display networks. The possibilities and functionalities are extensive, from targets to keywords strategy, and reports. The results can even be better. Here is one of my principles:

-Keep watching your account:

Be up-to-date with the results cannot be a pain point or time-wasting preparing reports, also if you are on the client side and have an agency managing it.

Simple sync your AdWords account with Google Data Studio. Set-up a specific end date in the future, and every time which you open the report, you’ll see the most updated results, so, reports can be created in 1 minute. No Excuses!

Simple, fast, and reliable. This report is my starting point for changes and improvements on Google AdWords campaigns that I manage, almost every day.

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