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Google Chrome Extensions

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Social Media Examiner, is one of my favorites podcast channels to be up to date with strategies, news, and trends related to social media marketing. Its recent post brought new ideas and tools for different purposes, from writing to productivity:


It is a fantastic tool not only for foreign English speakers but for natives who want to prevent typos and spelling errors when writing emails or posts on social media. The free Grammarly extension is limited to word correction, and the full version helps with advanced writing.

-Momentum Chrome Plugin

Installed as a plugin, Momentum gives a new wallpaper image and quote on Chrome new tab every day. It is relaxing and inspiring while you are working or browsing the internet. Another handy resource is the to-do-list and weather forecast. The "Plus" version allows further customization, like notes and new themes.

Extensions can customize your browsing experience without directly affecting the viewable content of a web page.


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